January 14, 2015

Some knowledge of Silver Jewelries

As we all know Tiffany is a symbol of status and fortune with its high quality pop classic style and also expensive price which makes most of us flinch. But now it's not a dream which is quite far from you any more. cheap tiffany earrings sale To get a affectionate Tiffany, You only need to pay 1% of the original price. And with the pure silver jewelry decorating a gorgeous painting for you--the beauty in the painting will be presented immediately. Talking about the pure silver accessories, you need to know something about the pure silver. Pure silver is not absolutely pure. in fact, it stands for a 925 pure silver which means the silver productions whichs purity of silver are 92.5%. 925 here represents the purity of silver. www.buyshoesclothing.cn This is required lowest purity of silver productions while the purity of 999 gold. For foot silver is too soft and its easy to be oxidized, since Tiffany company created 925 silver, its thought to be the lowest standard of pure silver.

Here are Some knowledge of Silver Jewelries.1. 99 represents pure silver, www.tradingspring.cn although 100% should be pure silver in theory, but in fact its really difficult to get the purity of 100%.And the color of the 99 silver is very pale,cheap Tiffany Necklaces australia and it feels very soft, so its easy for this silver to be out of shape if we use this one to be the accessories and it cant be inlaid precious stones. 2.98 represents foot silver, the purity of the silver is 98%, and it contains copper of 2%, so on the accessories we mark it as 980s. 3.925 silver. www.shoes-bags-china.ru he purity of this kind of silver is 92.5%,and the same as above, it contains copper of 7.5%,and we mark it as 925,the usual silver accessories are made of 925 sliver because after polishing, the silver accessories show a beautiful metal luster, and also get hardness so it can be inlaid some diamonds as luxurious accessories.

Now after reading some useful things above, what should we do to keep a pure silver jewelries cleaning and shining since a pure silver jewelries easily to get oxidized. cheap tiffany earrings australia Well, the best way to maintain silver jewelries is to adorn everyday because body oil can produce natural luster. Second, Dont adorn silver jewelries with other precious metal jewelries in case of crashing to out of shape or bruise. www.sportsyy.ru Keep silver jewelries dry, so dont swim with them, and avoid to approaching hot spring or sea water. Wipe them with no cotton cloth or face tissue, and clean the water and dirt, then put them into hermetic bag or box to avoid to approach to air. If silver jewelries are beginning turned to be yellow, the simplest way it to wash the surface with toothpaste and water.cheap Tiffany Bracelets australia Or brush the cuts of jewelries with small brush, then wipe gently the surface with silver-polished cloth, then original appearance will present.

Since you have clearly known those key knowledge of pure silver, why don't you try out to put those tips into practice? To find a special lover with high quality pop classic style but low price for yourself, what a fantastic thing! Come on, we looking forward to seeing a gorgeous you taking your tiffany silver accessories out of your box.

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